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Look at the size difference, @kingjames would of took a MJ any game I’m sorry but MJ ain’t have the size to stop lebron. & yes MJciuld get his points on lebron shooting no problem. But driving to the paint would be hard for MJ over LBJ #lebron #jordan #mj #nba

Last Week Yankee Stadium #tbt #GOyankees

Congratulations to my Hero for Graduating this May.

Rutgers Newark University: Class of 2014

My #WCW #yankeestadium as I hold up the Yankee flag as Carlos Beltran Homers to left. thanks too the Queen @elloitsbebs for the great shot 😬. & @highry if you look close your trying to facetime me lol






BLACK Power.




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Anonymous asked:
You are so handsome . What are qualities you search for in a woman ?

Strong, independent, artistic, goal hungry & great in bed